Outreach Made Easy ESSENTIALS: Key Tools for Communicating Your District's Reopening Plan by Forthright Advising

You are facing one of the biggest challenges of your entire career: announcing a new plan for learning during a global pandemic.

But school leaders like you are already overworked, overwhelmed and can’t catch a break. These past few months you’ve innovated, you’ve adapted, you’ve made it work.

And now you're down to the last days before schools reopen.

Outreach Made Easy ESSENTIALS: Key Tools for Communicating Your District's Reopening Plan

If there was ever a time when you could use some help, it’s now.

Forthright Advising—a communications firm with more than 60 years of combined experience in school PR—has put together a guide which includes exactly what you need to get you across the finish line of your school reopening communications. 

Here's What You Get

We know a draft to get you started is way, way better than your blinking cursor and a blank page. In addition to reopening communications guidance, we've created fill-in-the-blanks version of the following materials:

  • Your letter to families 
  • Draft phone message copy 
  • Suggested text message copy 

But Better Yet...

As a bonus, we’ve spent the last month in deep conversations with parents and community stakeholders, so we know what they are asking of you and your district. We outlined the 64 most frequently asked questions that parents want to know about school reopening AND we’ve outlined how to answer each of them...so you don’t have to. 

GET WHAT YOU NEED (And maybe even finally get some sleep.)

When you download the ESSENTIALS, you’ll be able to quickly prepare the final messages you need to effectively communicate your reopening plan with district families. 

What's included in the ESSENTIALS?

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Outreach Made Easy ESSENTIALS - Key Tools for Communicating Your District's Reopening Plans
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Customizable Drafts
Letter to Families.docx
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Telephone Message Template.docx
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SMS Text Message Template.docx
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64 FAQs and How To Answer Template.docx
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Outreach Made Easy ESSENTIALS: Key Tools for Communicating Your District's Reopening Plan

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That's amazing! But I need...MORE!

Upgrade to the full toolkit!

For some of you, while our essentials package sounds like a life saver, you already know you could use even more help. We've got you. Our full Outreach Made Easy: A Toolkit for Communicating Your District's Reopening Plans includes drafts of EVERYTHING you need to succeed. 
Let’s upgrade you.

Build a thorough communications plan that ensures your audiences have the information they need—easily.

In addition to data, tips, best practices and tons of great ideas, the toolkit includes outreach necessities like:

  • How to create your core messaging 
  • Sample social media posts 
  • A fill-in-the-blanks press release 
  • A fill-in-the-blanks radio pitch
  • How-to tips on creating an editorial calendar (and even an example!)
  • Ideas for even more outreach tactics
  • Ideas for celebrating the start of the school year 

About Forthright Advising

Forthright Advising is a public relations firm that works exclusively with organizations that love kids. We help public school districts create thoughtful outreach strategies that deliver a clear message straight to the audiences who need to hear it.